Benefits of Hydrotherapy

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Using the amazing healing properties of water, our patients will improve their range of motion, strength, and walking mechanics in the weightless environment of our underwater treadmills.

Buoyancy: The buoyancy of water provides a safe and weightless environment, allowing your pet to improve their joint range of motion by 30%, flexibility, and limb use. Buoyancy provides a comfortable environment to exercise due to decreasing concussive forces and postural compensations.

Resistance: The resistance of water helps to reverse muscle atrophy (disuse) by strengthening muscles as the body moves through water. Resistance also helps to improve the cardiovascular system and facilitates weight loss.

Temperature: The therapeutic warm water temperature (upper 80s) improves circulation and decreases muscle spasms and tightness.

Belt Motion: The constant motion of the treadmill belt helps to facilitate a more normal gait (walking) pattern, by encouraging proper alignment, limb use, and speed.

While you may feel your pet dislikes or is afraid of water, most dogs are natural swimmers and with a little encouragement your pet will learn to enjoy the underwater treadmill as your pet gains confidence. The warm water gradually fills from the bottom up and we encourage you to stand near your pet outside of the tank, giving praise, toys, and treats as necessary to make the experience enjoyable. Your pet may wear a flotation device (life vest) for safety and to help with buoyancy. Depending on your pet’s needs, our trained staff will assist your pet’s gait mechanics (walking), and complete joint range of motion, stretching, massage, and/or light strengthening exercises if appropriate.